Technical Information

Fast, Reliable, DS3 ATM Technology

All of our servers are co-located at Nap.Net. Currently we connect to the "NET" at the Chicago Nap, MAE East and MAE West. We have a Point of Presence at each of these locations as well as in Dallas and Seattle. Additional connections are continually being engineered.

Our routing equipment is deployed with the latest in technology releases. Nap.Net is one of the first Network Service Providers to utilize true ATM DS3 connectivity to a NAP. Currently, our Chicago NAP connection is an OC3. At the meet points on the East and West coasts, we connect at the FDDI level (100 Mbps). All locations utilize ATM DS3 on ramps to our fully meshed DS3 ATM backbone. Nap.Net's equipment has been installed with redundant power supplies and battery backup to ensure electronic survivability.

Nap.Net's Tier 1 network includes extensive peering arrangements and back up connections to provide global connectivity continuously. Our outstanding network performance standards provides our customers with rock solid national backbone network services.

Incorporate Your Own CGI Scripts

If you've 'surfed the net' you've undoubtedly used CGI scripts. All interactive forms use CGI scripts, and they are one of the main reasons of the Internet's success. Our virtual servers allow you complete access to your own CGI-BIN directory where you can upload and execute scripts. There are many free scripts available on the Internet that we can help you implement, or we can create custom scripts to fit your exact needs.


If you plan to take credit card information over the Internet, you will need an encrypted area to store your order forms. We can store your order forms on our encrypted server. We employ the Apache Stronghold Server from C2Net. Password protected directories are an excellent place for storing privileged information that you want only a select few or paying customers to have access to, with our servers you can create as many password protected directories as you like.

Data Safty

If a disaster ever occurs, such as a hard drive failure, or if you simply delete the wrong file you need not worry. We make backups of all the customer files every 48 hours to a separate hard drive.